Privacy Policy for Glaeser Projekt AG

1. Policy and scope of application

This data protection information relates to the processing of personal data in connection with visiting the website located at In order for you to be able to use our websites and the associated online services or online applications (collectively referred to as 'services'), we process your personal data (hereinafter also referred to as 'data'). Please note that this data protection information does not apply to websites of other providers to which our website may be linked.

Personal data refers to information that relates to a specific or identifiable natural person. Certain categories of particularly sensitive personal data, such as health data, are specially protected by specific legal provisions. The term 'processing' includes all processes in connection with your data, including collection, storage, utilisation, disclosure, archiving or deletion. When processing data, we comply with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP), the corresponding Implementing Ordinance (DPO) and other applicable data protection laws (e.g. the European General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR), as far as these are applicable.

Below, we would like to explain what data we collect, for what purpose we use it, and what rights you have in relation to your data. If you transmit data to us via third parties, we assume that you are authorised to do so and that the data transmitted is correct. We therefore ask you to inform the third parties concerned about the processing of their data by us, and to provide them with a copy of this data protection information or the relevant product information. If we draw your attention to an updated version of these documents, please also pass on these new versions.

Our employees are regularly trained in data protection issues and are subject to a duty of confidentiality. In addition, compliance with data protection regulations is monitored by our data protection office.

2. Responsible bodies and contacts

The following is responsible for the processing of data described in this privacy policy:



Glaeser Projekt AG
Im Grund 16, Dättwil
CH 5405 Baden
Phone +41 56 483 36 00


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your data or your data protection: rights in relation to us, please contact us:


Glaeser Projekt AG
Data Protection Office
Im Grund 16, Dättwil
CH 5405 Baden
Phone +41 56 483 36 00

3. What personal data do we collect?

We place great importance on protecting your personal data. When you use our website and services, we primarily process the use-requisite data that you transmit to us, and the information that we collect directly (see below).

When you use our website and services, we collect metadata, such as information about your browser (type and version), your device type (e.g., smartphone or tablet) and your IP address. We also collect access data, also known as log data. This includes the name of the website accessed, the date and time of access, the volume of data transferred, notification of successful access, operating system data and details of the last website visited.

We only store and process further personal data if you transmit it to us in the course of using services and tools (e.g., contact form). Further data protection-relevant information for specific tools can be found further down in this privacy policy.

4. For what purpose do we process personal data?

We process your data exclusively for the purposes that we have communicated to you when collecting your data, and for other purposes compatible with these purposes. Further information on the basis for our data processing can be found below in this privacy policy.

5. How do we process personal data?

5.1. Processing purposes in relation to customer communication

We process your data for various purposes related to communication with you. This includes, in particular, answering enquiries, asserting your rights and contacting you in the event of queries. We primarily use communication data and master data, as well as registration data in relation to offers and services used by you. This data can be stored for documentation purposes, training, quality assurance and enquiries.

5.2. Processing purposes in relation to marketing purposes

We also process data for marketing purposes and to maintain customer relationships. We may send general or personalised information about our services to our users, for example, in the form of occasional contact by email, post or telephone, as well as via other channels for which we have your contact information. We may also use your data for market research, to improve our online offers, our services and, if necessary, for product development. We may use your data to occasionally inform you about news, new products, services or other services of interest to you from us and possibly our partners.

5.3. Right to object (opt-out) regarding our marketing activities

If you do not wish to consent to the use of your data for marketing purposes, you can inform us accordingly or refuse or withdraw your consent to receive marketing information.

6. How do we protect personal data?

Due to the technical structure of the internet as an open network, secure transmission of your data cannot be guaranteed in all cases. If you send your personal data to us, you always do so at your own risk.

To ensure the protection of your transmitted data, we use encryption mechanisms in accordance with the current security standards (Transport Layer Security, TLS). TLS is a protocol for secure data transmission on the internet and is supported by most browsers. It uses the public key method, in which data is encrypted with a publicly accessible key and can only be decrypted again using a specific private key. Most browsers use a key symbol or padlock to indicate whether a connection is secure.

We take various technical and organisational security precautions to ensure the protection of your data within our system. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that, despite these measures, there is a risk of data loss as well as unauthorised access to or manipulation of data by third parties. Please also note that certain network sections and your computer are outside our controllable security area. As a user, you are responsible for informing yourself about the necessary safety precautions and taking the necessary measures within your power. Any liability on our part for damages incurred by you as a result of data loss or manipulation is fundamentally excluded.

7. How long do we store personal data?  

We only store your data for as long as is necessary for the purposes stated by us, or as long as we are legally or contractually obliged to do so. Data that is no longer required for the aforementioned purposes will be deleted or alternatively anonymised by us as part of our regular data maintenance.

8. When do we collect personal data?

We collect your personal data whenever we have contact with you. The situations in which we have contact with you are varied. The most common are:

  • You communicate with us via telephone, email, voice, text, image or video messages

  • You supply us with goods or services

  • You take part in our customer events

  • You make use of one of our services

  • You use or communicate with us or third parties via our websites or social media networks

  • You send us your application dossier

  • You fill out the contact form on our website

  • You sign up for our newsletter



9. Consent to the use of cookies

We use cookies to ensure that our website functions properly. In order to obtain your valid consent to the use and storage of cookies in the browser you use to access our website, and to document this properly, we use a consent management platform: CookieFirst. This technology is provided by Digital Data Solutions BV, Plantage Middenlaan 42a, 1018 DH, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Website:, referred to as CookieFirst.

When you access our website, a connection is established with the CookieFirst server to enable us to obtain valid consent from you for the use of certain cookies. CookieFirst then stores a cookie in your browser to enable only the cookies you have consented to and to properly document this. The processed data will be stored until the specified storage period expires or you request the deletion of the data. In deviation from this, certain statutory retention periods may apply.

CookieFirst is used to obtain the legally required consent for the use of cookies. The legal basis for this is Article 6(1)(c) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data processing agreement

We have concluded a data processing agreement with CookieFirst. This is a contract required by data protection law, which ensures that the data of our website visitors is only processed in accordance with our instructions and in compliance with the GDPR.

Server log files

Our website and CookieFirst automatically collect and store information in so-called server log files, which your browser automatically transmits to us. The following data is collected:

  • Your consent status or the withdrawal of your consent

  • Your anonymised IP address

  • Information about your browser

  • Information about your device

  • The date and time of your visit to our website

  • The URL of the website on which you have saved or updated your consent settings

  • The approximate location of the user who has saved their consent preferences

  • A universally unique identifier (UUID) of the website visitor who has clicked on the banner cookie


10. How do we use online tracking and online advertising techniques?

10.1. Logfiles

We mainly use data to create server log files, to carry out statistical evaluations for the operation of the website, to ensure the security of IT systems and to optimise the website. We primarily use log data for this purpose. The legal basis for this data processing is our legitimate interest in providing you with a safe and seamless user experience at all times. We also reserve the right to check the log data retrospectively if there are concrete indications of illegal use.

10.2. Google Analytics

We may use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager on our website. This is a web analysis service and a supporting tool provided by Google LLC (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA).

Google Analytics uses cookies to analyse your use of our website. The usage data generated by the service is transferred by default to servers in a Google data centre and stored there. It is possible that additional personal data may be collected via Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and that this data may be disclosed to third parties by Google if this is required by law or if third parties process the data on behalf of Google. We ourselves do not disclose any personal data to Google without your consent.

The legal basis for the processing of your data is based on our legitimate interest in analysing user behaviour to optimise our offer. Further information on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager can be found at the following link:


IP Anonymisierung

Your IP address is anonymised by default on our website before it is transmitted to Google. This is done by transmitting your address only in abbreviated form. In exceptional cases, your address may be transmitted in full and only shortened in Google's data centre.

10.3. Google Ads Conversion Tracking

We may use Google Ads in conjunction with Google Conversion Tracking on our website. This service is provided by Google Ireland Limited (Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland), a subsidiary of Google LLC (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA). If you arrive at our website via a Google advert, Google Ads places a cookie on your device. If you visit certain pages of our website, both we and Google use the cookie to recognise that you have clicked on the ad and have been redirected to the corresponding page. Each Google Ads customer receives their own cookie, which is not used for personal identification.

The information collected by the conversion cookie is used to generate conversion statistics for Google Ads customers and to analyse your surfing behaviour for marketing purposes. This enables us to customise our advertising offers to your interests. However, no personal information is transmitted with which you can be directly identified.

The legal basis for the processing of your data is based on our legitimate interest in better tailoring our advertising offers to our users. Further information on conversion tracking and general details on Google Ads and the Google Marketing Platform can be found under the following links:

10.4. Google Maps

We may integrate map material and services from Google Maps on our website. When using our website in Switzerland or in the European Economic Area (EEA), map services are provided by Google Ireland Limited (Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland). When using our website in another country, the service is provided by Google LLC (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA). The integration of Google Maps on our websites enables us, for example, to show you an interactive map directly on our site, making it easier for you to locate the addresses we publish.

When you use Google Maps, your IP address is communicated to Google. Google may link your data to your Google user account if you are logged in at the time. If you do not wish to be associated with your Google user account in this way, you have the option of logging out of Google Maps within your Google account.

The legal basis for processing your data is based on our legitimate interest in providing you with useful information, facilitating location-based searches and automatically supplementing address data.

Further information on Google Maps can be found at the following link:

11. Social media channels

We may operate pages and other online sites ("fan pages", "channels", "profiles", etc.) on social media networks and other platforms operated by third parties and collect the following data about you. We receive this data from you and the platforms when you contact us via our online site. At the same time, the platforms evaluate your use of our online sites and link this data with other data about you known to the platforms (e.g., about your behaviour and preferences). They also process this data for their own purposes under their own responsibility, in particular for marketing and market research purposes (e.g., to personalise advertising) and to control their platforms (e.g., what content they show you).

We receive data about you when you communicate with us via online sites or view our content on the corresponding platforms, visit our online sites or are active on them (e.g., publish content, post comments). These platforms regularly analyse the way in which you interact with us, how you use our online sites, our content or other parts of the platform statistically and link this data with other information about you (e.g., information on age, sex and other demographic information).

In this way, they also create profiles about you and statistics on the use of our online sites. They use these data and profiles to show you advertising from us or from third parties and other content on the platform in a personalised way, and to control the behaviour of the platform, but also for market and user research and to provide us and other bodies with information about you and the use of our online site. We can partially control the analyses that these platforms create regarding the use of our online sites.

Statistics are compiled on the social media channels about what visitors do on our site (commenting on posts, forwarding content, etc.). It helps us to understand how our site is used and how we can improve it. We only receive anonymous, aggregated data.

We currently use the following platforms:

11.1. Facebook

You can find our Facebook page. The organisation responsible for operating the platform for users from Europe is the following company: Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, Merrion Road Dublin 4, D04 X2K5 Dublin, Ireland. Some of your data will be transferred to the USA (Meta Platforms Inc., 1601 Willow Rd Menlo Park, CA 94025-1452, USA). We are jointly responsible with Meta Platforms Ireland Limited for the data that is collected and processed when you visit our website. Facebook's privacy policy can be found here:

11.2. Instagram

You can find our Instagram page. Instagram belongs to the company Meta Platforms, Instagram's privacy policy can be viewed here:

11.3. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn company page of Glaeser Projekt AG can be found. The LinkedIn platform belongs to Microsoft Cooperation (One Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington 98052-6399, USA) and has the following privacy policy:

12. Mass sending of emails

12.1. Newsletter

On our websites, you have the option of subscribing to our newsletter in order to receive regular information about us as well as our offers and services. If you register for the newsletter, your contact details from the input form will be transmitted to us. By subscribing to the newsletter, you give us your consent and simultaneously acknowledge our data protection information.

The legal basis for the processing of your data is based on our legitimate interest in actively providing you with up-to-date information about us based on the interest you have expressed by registering. You may at any time withdraw your consent to receive the newsletter in the future. To do so, simply click on the corresponding link at the end of each newsletter you receive.

Double Opt-In

In order to guarantee the security of your data, we use the double opt-in procedure. This means that after you have registered for the newsletter, we will send you an email with a confirmation link to the email address you have provided. The address will only be released for the newsletter distribution list after clicking on this link. Registration for the newsletter therefore requires your consent.

12.2.    Mailchimp

We use the Mailchimp platform (Rocket Science Group, 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE Suite 5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA) to send certain email communications to you. Mailchimp's privacy policy can be viewed here:

13. Contact form

If you contact us via the contact form, we will collect your contact details in order to process your enquiry and answer any follow-up questions. This data is transmitted in encrypted form.

If you have provided us with your email address or have contacted us directly via email, we can also send you information by email in connection with the processing of your requests and questions.

The legal basis for the processing of your data is based on our legitimate interest in being able to process your online enquiry efficiently and effectively. If the aim of the email contact is to conclude a contract, data processing is based on the initiation of this contractual relationship.

14. Application data

When you apply to us, we store your application data as part of the application process. If the position is not filled or is filled by another person, the purpose of the original data storage no longer applies, and we will delete your application data.

If you have been accepted for a position as part of the application process, the data from the applicant data system will be transferred to our personnel information system. Within the company, only those persons have access to your data who need it for the orderly conduct of our application procedure.

15. Your rights

In accordance with the applicable data protection law, you have the following rights in accordance with the applicable data protection provisions and under certain conditions:

  • Right of access: You can request information from us as to whether we process your personal data and what data this may be.
  • Right to rectification: You can request that we correct incorrect data or complete incomplete data.
  • Right to erasure: You can request the erasure of your data. Please note, however, that certain legal provisions or legitimate interests may restrict our obligation to erase data.
  • Right to data portability: Under certain circumstances, you may request that we provide you with the data you have provided to us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.
  • Right to withdraw consent: Where the data processing is based on your consent, you may withdraw this consent at any time. Please note that withdrawal does not affect the legality of the data processing carried out until the point of withdrawal.
  • Right to object: Under certain circumstances, you have the right to object to the processing of your data, in particular for the purposes of direct marketing or legitimate interests.
  • Right of appeal: If you do not agree with our handling of your data, you have the right to contact our data protection officer or the responsible data protection supervisory authority at

Please note that these rights are subject to legal requirements and that exceptions and restrictions may apply. To exercise your rights, you can contact us in writing or by email at the address below.

Glaeser Projekt AG
Data Protection Office
Im Grund 16 Dattwil
5405 Baden

16. Changes to this privacy policy

This data protection information is not part of the contract and can be amended by us at any time. The version published here applies in each case.

Last updated on 30 November 2023