«Brooklyn Burgermeister», Zürich

a timeless interior – a place to stay a while and have a good time

The «Brooklyn Burgermeister» bar is located opposite the Sihlpost tram stop on Kasernenstrasse in Zurich and captivates guests and passers-by alike with its timeless atmosphere and tasteful interior. The bar invites you to relax and get comfortable, and offers tasty culinary delights. These include homemade burgers made purely from Swiss ingredients, and specialities such as the truffle burger.

Building owner:

Burgermeister AG

Our services:

Drafting of the concept, planning and implementation as general contractor

Impressive bar with excellent features

The lively hangout for both young and old also has an impressive bar with over 20 types of beer. The venue plays music from the 60s and 70s in an excellent sound quality, which owner Aydin Yildirim feels is particularly important. Depending on the mood, the Brooklyn Burgermeister bar can be a place to get you going, a place to come for lunch or a place to go to see out the day. Or also as a place to go before taking your seat in the adjacent Ristorante La Cucina. When it came to the interior design, Aydin Yildirim made full use of Glaeser Projekt AG's proven competence in culinary settings.

Mirrors, fabric and leather for a delightful result

Glaeser Projekt AG managed the design of the Brooklyn Burgermeister bar and takeaway. The carpentry work was done with oak and galvanised metal elements. Mirrors and furniture upholstered in fabric and leather were also used. The cooperation between Glaeser Projekt AG and the owner was flawless. The result speaks for itself.


«For me, it was important to show a high quality and create a unique ambience for visitors.»

Aydin Yildirim

Owner of the Brooklyn Burgermeister bar and takeaway

Mr Yildirim, what motivated you to fit out the Brooklyn Burgermeister bar?

Aydin Yildirim: For me, the central location on Europa-Allee was crucial, as this is a booming and extremely lively district. It’s close to the main train station, there’s a lot of pedestrian traffic. It’s simply a good location with excellent combination options. Here, I’m thinking of the Ristorante/Pizzeria Cucina next door, which I have owned for two years. My experience of the location was certainly also a factor. The purchase also turned out to be a favourable opportunity.

What did you find important for the interior design?

For me, the interior design had to be timeless, but also clever with regard to how it is used. There were quite a few conceivable concepts, various trends which could have applied. For me, it was important to show a high quality and create a unique ambience for visitors.

What makes the Brooklyn Burgermeister bar a good experience for the guests?

The Brooklyn Burgermeister bar appeals to all ages. The space is informal and features varied furniture, and the exciting atmosphere and great sound are very inviting. We serve homemade burgers of an excellent quality with Swiss products, and we have 20 types of beer – these are also all Swiss products.

What was the biggest challenge during the realisation?

That was the official requirements and all the delays that those caused. Of course, I always asked myself whether it was really the right concept.

How did you find the cooperation with Glaeser Projekt AG?

Glaeser Projekt AG was familiar with the demands for high quality. This is the result of good experiences in other projects. I also really enjoyed the good communication, which was crucial for the result.