Genossenschaft Migros Aare

Fresh from the garden to the restaurant

The Migros Aare Cooperative wanted to make its restaurants more attractive for guests and secure turnover and profitability. The project was focused on the four main pillars: offer, processes, marketing and the ambience. Glaeser Projekt AG scored with a concept that met expectations 100%.

Building owner:

Migros Aare Cooperative

Our services:

GC project, Interior design including realisation

Broad field of activity

The Migros Aare Cooperative operates in the cantons of Berne, Aargau and Solothurn. In addition to the supermarkets and hypermarkets, leisure and further education offers, it also operates gastronomy: 49 Migros restaurants, 19 takeaways as well as the catering services. With 1300 employees in the gastronomy sector, approximately 18 million transactions and CHF 180 million in turnover are generated per year. 

Freshness and deceleration

Glaeser Projekt AG was awarded the contract because the tender order was fulfilled 100% and the cost estimates were met. Moreover, the concept message was convincing. The freshness from the garden is transported directly to the kitchens. This message is also supported by appropriate guest room decorations. The cosy atmosphere in the guest room invites you to visit and linger. The concept appeals very well to the different target groups, sum up those responsible at Migros Aare.

Convincing pilot operation

The ambience theme was put out to tender to interior designers for conceptual design. Glaeser Projekt AG won the competition and implemented the first pilot operation within six weeks. Subsequently, three more operations were realised within three months. Due to the success and the good guest acceptance, all Migros restaurants will now be brought up to the new standard by the end of 2019.


«We focus on freshness, trust and quality.»

Yvo Locher

Head of Gastronomy Management
Member of the Executive Board
Migros Aare Cooperative

Mr Locher, what was the goal when renovating the Migros restaurants?

Yvo Locher: Our aim was to make eating an experience and to offer customers the chance to decelerate

What makes the interior work so exceptional?

The natural shapes, colours and materials are aligned with our business and our core values of freshness, trust and quality. In addition, the concept allows for adaptation in the existing farms with different starting points, without us having to replace everything 100%. In the implementation, it is important to us to include the existing spatial conditions in order to achieve a harmonious picture. Ongoing development in the concept and regional influences can be well taken into account.

What can the customers expect and how have they reacted to it?

In addition to a very good price-performance ratio, customers can expect a pleasant atmosphere. The customers should feel comfortable. Regarding remodelled establishments, we receive feedback such as: clearer, better insight into the freeflow, more spacious, more open, brighter, friendlier, homely, warmer ambience. 

What was the biggest challenge during the realisation?

Implementation in a very short time, partly during ongoing operations and taking into account the existing infrastructure.

How would you describe the cooperation?

Glaeser Projekt AG was very supportive of the concept development. With them, we know that we have very flexible and reliable partners at our side who identify strongly with the project. This way, ideas can be developed, tested and implemented quickly.
The ideas come partly from our guests, from us, but also from our interior designers at Glaeser Projekt AG. The implementation from planning to realisation is speedy, constructive, on schedule and of very good quality. Furthermore, the interfaces to Migros Aare are well taken into account. The employees are characterised by a high level of professionalism and the interaction with each other is always very pleasant.