Kovats Optik, Baden

Sometimes things turn out differently than you think

Cousins Manuel and Gabor Kovats wanted to do business together and merge their two optician shops. Under the name Kovats Optik AG, they intend to reunite what their common great-great-grandfather founded almost 150 years ago. But the project almost came to a standstill.

Building owner:

Kovats Optik AG

Our services:

Interior design including realisation

A new provider was needed

Manuel and Gabor Kovats, both 5th generation opticians, relied on a start-up for the development of the new shop. Unfortunately, its owner dropped out for health reasons. A new partner for the interior work had to be found within a very short period of time. Glaeser Projekt AG took their wishes on board and drew up a new design. Despite their different tastes, the two owners liked it right away, which they still find very remarkable half a year later.

Cosiness makes curious

On three floors, the newly occupied shop offers glasses, contact lenses, photography and optical instruments. It was particularly important to the owners that the premises radiate cosiness and have an inviting effect. The clientele received this with enthusiasm.


«Glaeser Projekt AG even managed to get hold of the previous owner's old plans for us, something we ourselves had previously tried in vain.»

Manuel Kovats

Kovats Optik AG

What was the starting point for the conversion and interior work of the optician's shop?

Manuel Kovats: For the merger of our two shops in Baden, we needed more space and we found what we were looking for at Weite Gasse. We planned the conversion with a start-up. However, its owner dropped out for health reasons. We were supposed to open in May. It was January and we were forced to start from scratch again.

Gabor Kovats: At this point I no longer felt like "experimenting" and brought Glaeser Projekt AG into the picture. I remembered them from a previous evaluation as very personable, competent and professional, with exciting ideas. Plus they are from the region, which is also very important to me.

What was the aim of the conversion?

Manuel Kovats: The most important thing for us was the theme of cosiness. This was achieved, among other things, with a lounge including a coffee machine in the entrance area. So the clientele is invited to come in and take a seat. Or also with the choice of materials, such as cherry wood, which radiates warmth. A particular sticking point was the floor.

Gabor Kovats: Exactly. I insisted on a homely carpet, but Manuel is allergic to dust and wanted something easy to clean. The perfect solution was the stone floor in a carpet look, which architect Florianne Pittet from Glaeser Projekt AG recommended to us.

«We have different tastes. And yet we both liked the first draft right away.»

Gabor Kovats

Kovats Optik AG

How have the customers reacted to the new shop?

Gabor Kovats: Extremely positively – from young to old, from regulars to new customers, practically everyone likes it.

Manuel Kovats: The new shop is bigger, brighter, more spacious and inviting. That goes down very well.

What was the biggest challenge during the realisation?

Manuel Kovats: Certainly the removal of the safe in the basement, a relic of the Raiffeisen bank formerly stationed there. Water pipes and the electrical system also had to be renewed, and the preservation of the exterior façade had to be taken into account.

Gabor Kovats: The ventilation system was to remain in place; here Glaeser Projekt AG had to plan creatively around it, which the team solved brilliantly.

What would you say about the cooperation with Glaeser Projekt AG?

Manuel Kovats: Glaeser Projekt AG simply took care of everything, together with Gähler und Partner AG as general contractor. The professionalism and speed were enormous; within just one week the project was up and running and the first draft had already been made. Thanks to the great experience and the speedy procedure, we were able to reduce the construction backlog to a few weeks and still open relatively on time.

Gabor Kovats: Glaeser Projekt AG also took into account which trades we would like to work with, coordinated everything and also mediated between the parties involved where necessary. My expectations were exceeded and I can highly recommend the company as a GC.