Migros Restaurant, Konolfingen

Cosy oasis for meeting with friends

Opening a restaurant during the pandemic is a challenge. At the beginning, only the terrace could be used, but despite the rainy days, many guests came. Follow us on a tour of the Migros Restaurant Konolfingen. Its interior design concept comes from Glaeser Projekt AG and the kitchen planning from GaPlan GmbH in Villigen. The realisation was carried out under the construction management of wmbp GmbH from Solothurn.

Building owner:

Migros Aare Cooperative

Our services:

GC project, Interior design including realisation

Concept adapted to pandemic

The pandemic and its protective measures have a lasting influence on the behaviour of guests. This is also reflected in the restaurant's décor. It is no longer seen as desirable for other people to sit at the same table. Take-away is also increasingly preferred. At the same time, cosy oases for meeting friends or taking a short break are still appreciated. Martin Beyeler explains in an interview how the measures have affected the concept of the restaurant.

Wide consumption and leisure range

The Migros Aare Cooperative operates in the cantons of Berne, Aargau and Solothurn. In addition to the supermarkets and hypermarkets, leisure and further education offers, it also operates gastronomy with 48 Migros restaurants, ten takeaways and catering services. In the Migros shopping centre in Konolfingen, a new self-service restaurant with 136 indoor and 70 outdoor seats was built on an area of around 400 square metres.


«I particularly appreciate the high level of conceptual understanding.»

Martin Beyeler

Head of Construction and Interior Design

Mr Beyeler, what was the aim of building the Migros Restaurant Konolfingen?

Martin Beyeler: The Migros Aare Cooperative has built a new shopping centre in Konolfingen with a location-specific tenant mix and private flats. With the new Migros Restaurant, we are fulfilling a need of many guests for a gastronomic offering. At the same time, we are increasing the attractiveness of the location and rounding off the tenant mix. It is also our aim to make dining an experience and to offer guests the opportunity to slow down.

What are the special features of the concept and the interior work?

It is a modern, inviting Migros restaurant with a beautiful terrace and an outdoor playground for our younger guests. We have placed a lot of emphasis on a homely, inviting ambience, natural shapes, colours and materials as well as different zones so that our broad range of guests feel comfortable. In the free-flow self-service area, we offer time-of-day appropriate options. At the same time, the islands allow us a high degree of flexibility in presentation.

What can the guests expect and what has been the response?

In addition to a very good price-performance ratio, our guests can expect a small oasis in the new shopping centre for a short time-out or a meeting among friends. Our offering includes fine coffee specialities, fresh sandwiches and oven-fresh baked goods for the small break as well as delicious hot and cold dishes for the bigger appetite. We were pleased to receive a lot of positive feedback about the new restaurant. The new, homely design concept pleases the guests very much. And what makes us particularly happy: we were able to attract many new guests despite the pandemic.

How satisfied are you personally with the result?

I am satisfied if, on the one hand, the guests like the new restaurant and visit us actively and, on the other hand, if our restaurant manager Thomas Rosenthal and his team find an efficient and good working environment. Both have been confirmed. 

What was special about this project?

The new shopping centre opened on 20 May 2021. At that time, indoor gastronomy was still closed due to the pandemic. Opening a restaurant that is closed indoors is very special and hopefully unique. However, it was pleasing to see that the terrace was very well attended despite the many rainy days and that our take-away offer was well received.

What distinguishes Glaeser Projekt AG from your point of view?

We already have several years of cooperation with Glaeser Projekt AG. I particularly appreciate the high level of understanding of the concept, that the staff know the needs of our guests, the high flexibility in dealing with concept adjustments, that the concepts developed find a high level of acceptance among our broad group of guests and at the same time support profitability. Overall, Glaeser Projekt AG offers reliable, speedy and good implementation quality and is simply a good and reliable partner.